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How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 23

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It's no secret that the world is becoming more and more digital. Thanks to smartphones, tablets, smart homes, and even AI assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In today's hectic world, where everyone is always on the go, it can be not easy to manage all of your tasks without help from a virtual assistant.

From booking your next flight or hotel stay to ordering gifts for loved ones you've lost track of time within the holiday season, there are so many ways that a VA can make life easier! But how do you choose one? What should they specialize in? And what should their hourly rate be? We're here to answer these questions and give you some insight into how we work at Muse&Ink!

Getting to know your virtual assistant can be a breeze, or it can be difficult, depending on your work style. If you've never had a virtual assistant before and you're nervous that this would make it difficult for you to get anything done, you're likely overwhelmed already with your business or personal life.

Working with a VA, you'll be amazed at how well things will fall into place when you're able to focus on your business' growth. Most VA's that market themselves are highly skilled professionals. VA's have everything down pat so well for some that they can't believe what a great investment hiring one was.

A few tips when hiring and keeping a Virtual Assistant;

  • Be clear and specific with your requests

  • Provide feedback on the quality of work done promptly

  • Give your VA some freedom within their job description so they can do more for you

  • Keep an open dialogue with them about what needs to be done next or how things are going

Communication is important in any relationship and having clear communication with your Virtual Assistant is just as important as running your business. Clear communication will help you articulate what you want, set guidelines, and set the tone for the relationship. Either way, ensuring you're expressing what you need, your VA can anticipate, or follow-through, on the tasks you need to be done.

So, are you still looking for a VA? Great! You'll need to find the best person for your needs and set up your new VA before they can start working effectively on all of those tasks taking up so much time! That sounds like too much work, though, doesn't it?

Well, don't worry - I've got this covered. I offer free quotes and consultations, and I'll be happy to help get you started with finding out what you need out of a virtual assistant for your business or personal life.

Give me a call today at (540) 824-0741 or schedule a meeting to get a free quote, and let's chat about how we can make things easier by hiring someone else to take care of some of these tasks, so you have more time left over in the day!

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